Why Is The Use Of A Pain Clinic Becoming So Popular Today?

Going to a pain clinic now seems to be increasingly common phenomenon, but why? Maybe it’s the health care crisis that this country is currently facing, a cost factor or simply the ease it provides, but alternatives to ER and family physicians seem to crop up everywhere in shopfront style environments. But do you get quality care? pain clinic greenville sc┬áhas some nice tips on this.

The clinic-style settings at drugstores around the country are rising by boundary leaps. The latest count was at nearly 1,500 drugstore setups and nearly 9,000 urgent care clinics at one time. Some analysts blame this influx of these forms of set-up on an overburdened health system. Others blame it on the average rate of up to 80 per cent lower than a ride to the ER.

But most people, even a pain clinic, going to these types of clinics will tell you it’s the days and hours they ‘re operating. Many have hours, such as nights and weekends, that no regular doctor’s office has. And most welcome walk-in patients, that means they don’t need a doctor’s referral.

However the big bonus-the service is faster. You can have to wait in the lobby for hours when you go to an ER before you are called back to the triage, and then given a bed. And then it could be another hour of waiting in the room before you see a doctor. And as you wait for test results and x-ray results to come back to be read by the doctor, the wait gets longer. Even if you have a pain doctor appointment, you can wait as long as an hour before you’re finally called back to a bed. A pain center, you’ll be treated on average within 15 minutes of getting there.

The Edge

There are also downsides to going to a pain clinic for an acute or chronic pain, however great all this may sound. Firstly, not all clinics have a doctor with full-time employees. They rely on physicians who use the clinic as part-time jobs. Perhaps worse still, although the pain clinic may be open and functioning under a doctor’s certification and license, it may be staffed with interns. This makes any patient entering this facility a Guinea pig of sorts.

Another matter to remember is that if you may not receive the help you were looking for in the clinic and want to go to a full-time physician, your records may not be completely transferred, if any. And most likely the doctors you end up going to with your acute or chronic pain will have to perform all the same tests and x-rays you ‘d done before. Also if the notes are forwarded by the pain clinic you were using, the new clinic or doctor would most likely decide to do its own tests and x-rays anyway.

The End Target

The quest for getting the pain relieved is 24/7/365 task for the person suffering from chronic pain all day, each day. You are desperate to get relief so you can regain your normal life and become a member of society. The downsides to a pain clinic are offset by the positive results they can bring and the odds are well worth the possible outcome.