What You Need to Know About Stair Lift?

In households of more than one floor and if there are individuals who are disabled or individuals who may have any health issues who who find it challenging to walk up and down stairs, stair lifts are a tremendous assistance. Stair lifts are an innovation with very valuable application. It was a Pennsylvanian American who designed and built the first escalator lift in 1920. His idea was to have a chair which could carry up and down stairs with his ailing friends.If you’re looking for more tips,Stair Lift-Louisville Stairlift Solutions has it for you.

How to Choose a Stairlift For Your Home - California Mobility

Stair lifts have become pretty common today. There are two types of basic stairlifts which are produced and sold. One stairway lift is a platform on which a individual should stand, or place a chair on it for an individual to rest, so the platform goes up a rail set on the stairs.

The other, much more common form, is a chair fixed on a railcar that moves up and down the stairs.

The stair lift uses electricity, and cables are pulled and released by a motor that pulls up the stairs. The lift of the stairs has wheels which travel on a rail. Stair-lifts operate on existing AC or DC. The stairlifts of the DC-type cost more because they use batteries to supply power to the stairlift motors, and hence need a battery to charge the batteries. The normal electricity supplied in homes operates the motors of stair-lifts of an AC type.

Imagine a winch attached to a wheel-resting frame, and the wheels are in effect mounted on a chain.

The rail has been put on an incline. The motor pulls the cable when the winch is operated, which in turn pulls up the rail from the platform. The cable is released slowly to make the platform descend the rail. This is the fundamental principle that a stairlift works by.

In houses stairs do not always go straight up to the next floor. A landing may take place, and the stairs then continue to the upper floor. The stairs may have a curve in them, too. Today, there are stair lifts available to provide for all these needs.

All that’s needed is to tell the company from where to buy the stairs lift about the type of stairs in the home. They’ll then send a person to measure the stairs, and then tell you how much the lift will cost. If the transaction has been accepted, they should come along and install the stair lift. Stair lifts have warranties, and service after sale.