What To Look For In A Digital Marketing Firm

And how precisely do you distinguish the true digital marketing professionals from the man who took a website-building HTML course in the 90’s? You are going to want to seek out telltale signs of quality, experience and innovation. Visit us on brandbliss.

Here are the key things you should look at when assessing a digital marketing company:

  • Knowledge (previous jobs, case studies …)
  • Research now under way
  • They did work for themselves
  • Innovativity and adaptability


One of the most important aspects that you want to find out before you recruit a digital marketing agency, or some other business, is to look at their background. Now, we don’t say the business has had to be around since the roaring twenties. Some of the digital media firms would still be fairly young.

The experience we ‘re talking about in the recent past is the work they’ve done. Conduct the research to study reports of their events, customers, to raise concerns regarding how such initiatives or programs have met their targets.

Research now under way

Although past research is a strong barometer of how creative a organization is, the past is the past. Events, particularly inside the modern environment, can change quickly.

Although a case study of the sort might not have been developed yet, ask the company if any new research is being generated which you may see. You might be guided to the social network of a current client or a new website that is being created.

It will encourage you to see whether their case studies is the real deal or a bunch of fluff.

They’ve done the work for themselves

You can say a lot about a business that’s focused on the products they created for themselves. Have they got an online blog, or social media? Would they still have media networks? Looks like their page has been changed over the last couple of years? Did they produce some new material that will serve to market themselves? Do the workers portray their business regularly on LinkedIn? In other words, their profiles are updated to say “Jane Doe is Coordinator of Digital Marketing with The Firm.”

Each of these issues help determine whether the company is keeping up-to – date when it comes to marketing itself.

Innovativeness, and adaptability

This will go hand and hand with how present the website of the company or the websites of its consumers are. Do they use latest concept approaches, best SEO practices and innovative modern technologies like parallax sites?

If you ask them about a specific project you want to complete, watch out for their response. Not just what they’re doing but their responses. A good digital marketing firm’s mindset is “can and must do” The attitude you don’t want to see is, “Well that could be tough, we can try to do that but …” Drop ship.

A true, quality digital marketing company is always going to find a way. There’s no limit to their capabilities and they’ll find the necessary resources to produce whatever you need. A forum with parallax, a client portal, aios device, consumer logins etc. All is above the mark.