What to Ask Car Accident Attorneys Before You Hire Them

There’s a lot to consider when hiring an attorney for an auto accident in Chicago. There’s a greater potential for engaging in serious motor vehicle accidents in a crowded city environment. It is a good practice to have this researched beforehand, but most of us don’t take the time to do so. Each year, accidental but preventable injuries destroy thousands of lives in the Chicago area. Knowing how to look for qualified Chicago automobile accident lawyers can just come in handy-if not for you, maybe for someone close to you.Learn more by visiting car accident attorneys 

Chicago is home to thousands of attorneys. A lot of them claim to be the best Chicago automobile accident lawyers around and have ads throughout the city. You can not watch a TV show without a commercial gracing of your screen by at least one personal injury attorney. Don’t be fooled by the hype; the only way to know is through an interview process that an attorney is as good as they claim.

Don’t fear asking the tough questions. Let them know in advance that you are there to serve and that you are seeking respect and consideration. It’s good to have a good relationship with any lawyer who handles a case for you, but you shouldn’t let them decide for you. Below are five things you’ll need to consider when looking for an attorney.

  1. What are the arrangements for your case with the lawyer? It’s about you meeting the lawyer in a free consultation; but you also get to discuss what took you there. Any lawyer who has handled a lot of cases involving injuries should be able to give you some sort of overview of how he or she wants to proceed.
  2. How many injury lawsuits the prosecutor has previously litigated similar to this one, and what were the results? It speaks to experience; you’ll want an attorney who has been and won first chair in a number of prominent cases.
  3. What do you expect the prosecutor to do as a member of the prosecution team? How can you help them? Most lawyers work closely with customers; you should be wary of those who keep you out of the loop.
  4. Make sure that the attorney you speak to will be the record counsel on the case.
  5. What is the compensation structure for the Lawyer? The first assessment should be free in cases of an incident. Experienced lawyers for auto accidents in Chicago will usually work on a contingency basis. They’re taking the case, paying for everything and only getting reimbursed if they win. Be careful about the fine printing and how much its percentage is. Most lawyers get 1/3 of any settlement and refund for any money spent during the case.