Ways to Help Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder in which a person can not attain an erection or retain an erection to conduct sexual intercourse. An erection is achieved when a chemical signal is transmitted by the brain to the penile muscles which causes it to relax. It continues with sexual arousal, which may be either physical or mental in nature. A chemical named nitric oxide released onto the nerves is responsible for calming the penile muscles and allowing for fast blood flow. This deposition of blood fills the penis almost like an inflated balloon, which renders it erect. When another chemical phosphodiesterase form 5 presents itself, it breaks down the nitric oxide which causes the penile muscles to constrict again and lose the erection. Check Charlotte Erectile Dysfunction.

Moving to the erectile condition’s origin is crucial to finding ways to help relieve erectile dysfunction. The most common cause of the disorder is disruption to the nerves, lungs, smooth muscles and fibrous tissues that result in diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, alcoholism, neurological diseases and other cardiovascular diseases. Around 70 percent of people with erectile dysfunction are considered to have either of these disorders, or a variation thereof. Testosterone deficiency is also a hormonal issue which can cause erectile dysfunction. Pinpointing the origin of the disorder promotes discovering ways to help relieve erectile dysfunction.

Most often physicians would choose to go for the least intrusive ways of helping with erectile dysfunction before recommending more invasive treatments such as injections and operations. The first suggestion would be to suggest and introduce any changes in lifestyle. The psychiatrist will conduct an initial psychosocial test to assess whether there are non-medical reasons for the disorder. Even the intimate companion may be asked in some instances to an interview. For those finding solutions to deal with erectile dysfunction, safe lifestyle habits like physical exercise, moderate weight, and the avoidance of vices like smoking and alcohol are advised. Studies show that, through recovery, people who live healthy lives are more likely to experience changes in their disease.

Normal methods of dealing with erectile dysfunction are probably the most natural method of managing the disorder. There are natural remedies involving the same component but not the potential risk factors associated as prescription drugs. Erectile dysfunction is primarily a problem of blood circulation which can be addressed by taking herbal medication. This herbal supplements are often recommended as part of a nutritional therapy that includes taking vitamins and minerals, and regular exercise as well. For decades, Epimedium Grandiflorum extract, better known as the horny goat herb, has been used in sexual drinks that improve sex drive and cure erectile dysfunctions. This extract also includes icarin, a flavnoid, the same component used in prescription drugs used to erectile dysfunction. Other herbal ways to help erectile dysfunction naturally include taking gingko biloba for better penile blood flow, L-Arginine for nitric oxide formation, zinc for mineral deficiency compensation and Indian ginseng for body strengthening.