Ways To Find A Divorce Attorney

Statistics say around half of all marriages end in divorce. Some marriages were meant to last, but not all partnerships. There are plenty of places to find legal representation for a divorce during that tumultuous time in your life. Here is a short list of where a divorce attorney can be found. Click Tiffany Fina Law Firm for more info.

  1. Personal Support Buddy-You may have a buddy, acquaintance, co-workeror family member who has been through a divorce before. Such people will give you a good insight into their own interactions with the divorce attorney they’ve hired for their legal action. Sometimes that friend or family member will be outside your jurisdiction and thus different laws may be applicable. Try to always seek referral from someone near you for advice on divorce, as the same local laws apply.
  2. Internet-Most people are looking for information quickly these days, and can do so easily by connecting to the internet. The internet is full of legal information which includes local divorce lawyers in your area. The Internet is a great choice because search engines are able to display detailed results relevant to your quest. Another alternative, if available, is to connect to the internet via your cell phone, since your soon-to-be ex-spouse will not be able to view your recent history on your home PC.
  3. Local Phone Book Listings-If you browse through your local telephone book or yellow pages, you can find a large number of licensed lawyers in the state. Keep in mind that the lawyer with the highest exposure may not be the best fit for your divorce case. If you choose to find a divorce lawyer through the yellow page ads, be sure to call some local lawyers to make sure that they are experienced in divorces. Some family law lawyers can only perform adoption services. Make sure that divorce training is their primary skill.
  4. Bar Association-There’ll be a local bar association in many towns. This is another perfect place to seek out divorce lawyers. If you contact the organization they will put you in touch with a number of respected local lawyers on divorce. Here, you are assured the attorney will be accredited and will meet all the requisite qualifications.
  5. Local Law Schools-If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer and you don’t have a lot of money to spend, find a local law school and get in contact with their legal aid clinic. You can take advantage of their discounted prices if your financial situation qualifies for their pro bono programme. If you don’t, though, they’ll still be able to refer you to a divorce lawyer who can meet your needs.
  6. Legal Aid Services-Legal Aid Society is another choice if you’re pressed for cash or have little money. Conduct a legal aid company search in your home town. You may be granted other requirements to become qualified for legal aid. Legal assistance programs also conduct pro bono cases for candidates with financial hardships. Many divorce lawyers in townships can take cases by pro bono.