Use Basement Waterproofing Products For Foundation Repairs

Every year, homeowners shell thousands of dollars across the nation to have waterproofing contractors excavate around their foundation, patch footer drains and maintain their basement walls. However, in certain cases, by purchasing a few inexpensive products, you can be able to sidestep the high costs of skilled builders and perform your own basement wall repair. Read more on Smart Foundation Systems.

The level of damage to your foundation walls has a great deal to do with what kind of repair work you need to do. While many waterproofing companies offer free estimates of jobs, you can not always count on them to determine whether you really need professional help or whether you can just complete the work yourself.

The waterproofing materials inside the basement that you should find for your own repair work include waterproofing sealant, paint and crack fillers. When your walls have some corrosion and minor cracks, but you don’t have the money to spend for proper waterproofing, a quick repair can help.

Be careful to cover any noticeable gaps with high-grade sealant, then thoroughly clean the basement wall before adding waterproofing paint. Be sure that the color you use always contains a molding agent and an anti-mildew. Although this would just patch your foundation walls within and only have a temporary fix, it will allow you to make your basement more livable and nice in terms of esthetics.

One word of warning: these kinds of losses probably suggest a bigger problem with your foundation drainage system and you should contact a qualified contractor when your budget can handle the cost. Basement waterproofing goods are only a temporary solution but you will need the support of local experts to really address the foundation issues.