TMS Therapy for Depression: How Does It Work

Magnetic therapy is an alternative method of healing which uses magnets to heal the body. This treatment is quite old but is now quickly gaining popularity as more and more people are attracted to complementary or natural methods of healing. Learn more by visiting FLORIDA TMS CLINIC.

This therapy works on the principle that current is caused by the magnetic field produced by the magnets, which helps increase blood flow in the damaged area of the body. Thus the oxygen concentration in the affected area is enhanced as well. In addition, the magnets often help to neutralize the positive ions created by trauma, as well as contaminants in the body. This helps eliminate the pain associated with the injuries and also helps a person stay healthy and fit.

Magnetic therapy gives certain health benefits here.

Treating Chronic Diseases

Nowadays, there is a growing number of patients with spondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, backaches, joint pains and migraines. Magnetic stimulation may be of benefit to these patients. Different types of magnetic therapy products are available for treating various types of pain. Just as magnetic bracelets are good for treating manual or wrist pain, magnetic rings are good for treating finger and hand pain, and magnetic body wraps are good for treating shoulder pain, knee pain or back pain.

Sleeping troubles

There are different kinds of sleep disorders which affect the patient’s overall health. It is noticed that magnetic stimulation is genuinely effective in treating these problems. Magnetic pillows, magnetic blankets, and magnetic bracelets aid a decent night’s sleep for people with sleep disorders.


Also the magnetic therapy is used to treat depression. Today the number of depression cases is on the rise and people depend on magnetic therapy to treat it. The method used to treat depression by magnets is known as Repeated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. The magnets are used in this method to activate the brain region damaged to solve the health issues. This treatment is only performed by qualified and experienced therapists. However, wearing the correct magnetic items will relieve a moderate depression.

Managing burden

Day by day life is getting hectic. Therefore any single human on this earth experiences pain. But also this discomfort can now be effectively handled with the assistance of a magnetic therapy. To treat stress and stress related issues, special magnets are placed on the specific areas of the spine.

If you are interested in trying magnetic therapy, then consult your doctor first. Pregnant mothers, persons with pacemaker etc. are often not required to receive these procedures and so it is wise to take guidance from the doctor in this respect.