Tips for Watch and Jewelry Repair Services

Jewelry repair is one of those items that the owner of a piece of jewelry usually considers self-evident. When a ring is too large or too small it will naturally have to be modified or “made” in the parlance of the jeweler. When a clasp does not operate on a chain or bracelet anymore, it usually requires replacement. When an ear ring accidentally falls out of its head, it would either need a new back, or fix the old one if possible. In fact, something that prevents the owner from worrying free wear most definitely falls under the inexhaustible jewelry repair category. And trust me when I say after 33 years, I have seen most of all…… until the next thing happens.If you would like to learn more about this, please check out Watch Repair.

Many people are operating under the age adage that “if it doesn’t crack, don’t repair it.” And with jewelry it’s a myth that has cost countless thousands of people to lose countless millions of dollars; not to mention the sentimental value that left a trail of tears and broken hearts. Recall the old man with a metal detector on the beach? You just think he’s looking for a loose change?

If it comes to fixing jewelry and clothing, here’s another wise phrase you’d do well to recall, “It’s worth a pound of prevention.” Practically everyday someone comes in need of replacing a missing diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald or other precious gem stone because they didn’t take the time or even think about the care and safety of their precious possession. It becomes painfully obvious on closer inspection that the prongs which once held their precious bauble had become worn and fragile and eventually just broke off. Only a simple sixty second check by a skilled jeweler may have saved them $60, $600 or even $6000 in repair costs (not to mention the fact that Grandmas diamond is now lost forever). Typically, the jeweler, like most craftsmen, had to do it from scratch, even the equipment they used. This has been a lengthy process which has taken days and even weeks to complete. If it is important to size a ring, the process could take over a week-only on that one ring. Since ancient times, most people have seen such beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings with attention to detail and absolute opulence there. It could have taken more than a year or more just to make some of these beautiful items and god forbid that they would need to fix. Just note, the typical “poor Joe” of the day couldn’t even dream of owning a beautiful piece of gold jewelry.

Today in America, the majority of families can afford not just one but many, many pieces of jewelry. Jewelry gift honors and punctuates much of all important events in the modern world today. And, it is no longer limited to mere special occasions, but is worn day in and day out with great pleasure. Today’s vast amount of fine jewellery on the market is made of gold-not stainless steel. And, as such, it is important to audit, clean and even conduct regular or preventive maintenance to ensure that the owner can wear his unique piece of family history with confidence.

And in our fast paced drive-through world, people just don’t want to wait too long, if at all, to fix their jewelry. Thankfully, state-of – the-art technology and innovative methods have helped jewelers come up with better ways to fix quicker, more effectively and at much lower cost to customers. The repair of a broken prong on an emerald cluster just a few short years ago would have been almost prohibitively costly to patch. However, with laser welders making way into the better jewelry repair shops and stores, the cost of fixing it and the time it takes to fix it has become even more appealing to the customer.