The Healthy Benefits of Physical Activity For Your Toddler

Of course, this time, we’ve all heard that we’re living in an electronic era. Computers , tablets, gadgets and video games all compete for both our attention and our children’s attention.¬†has some nice tips on this.

At times, it is easy to ignore the choice of going outside to play when remaining indoors is so much more convenient. But we can never forget about the advantages of physical exercise! And what better way to get our kids engaged in safe, physical activities than to go outside on an adventure.

An “adventure?” you might ask; just going on a walk or even playing in the backyard in the minds of our children can easily become an outdoor adventure in their eyes, so why not promote that a little more often.

Physical activity does more than keep your kid amused. By becoming involved now in his toddler years, your child will potentially benefit for the rest of his life. He’ll be more likely to live an active and healthy lifestyle if you can show your child that exercise is enjoyable.

Exercise not only leads to physical health, but also facilitates the balanced growth of the mind and body.

Here are just some advantages of leading an active lifestyle:

Reduced risk of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes (juvenile diabetes) reduced risk of developing high blood pressure and/or better sleeping with cholesterol, improved mood increased oxygen supply to the heart and brain, stronger bones and muscles