The First Visit To The Pediatric Dentist

As parents we owe our kids the best. We wish them a life of meaningful and fulfilling experiences. Kids learn by imitation, and they’ll take what they see and hear as their own. Being optimistic about what the dentist does for your child builds a trust base that will last a lifetime. We will use words of affirmation and encouragement before and after all appointments. The days of using the dentist as a personal dictator to foil our children’s inappropriate behaviour, “Be nice or I’ll make the dentist remove all of your teeth,” will be done. Alternatively, from the very beginning of the presentation the dentist will be seen as someone who is there to help your child get a happy and beautiful mouth / smile. Parental engagement is paramount. If you are looking for more tips, check out Dentist Christchurch-Christchurch Boutique Dental.

The first visit to the pediatric dentist’s office for your child is one of the most critical times for establishing a solid base for dental health. It is where the relationship between dental care for your child and the workers at the office starts to grow. Ideally, this relationship begins as soon as the teeth begin to grow, and not later when problems occur.

Seek the dentist to spend quality time learning about you and your kids. Teaching your child to become confident with dental health by describing the procedures in a fun and exciting way is his or her work!

It is necessary to get a review of the medical and past dental history. Proper directions on oral hygiene are the keys to potential success. For deeper research, a clinical oral examination of both the hard and soft tissues and, if appropriate, digital radiographs should be carried out. The first visit is then followed by a comprehensive prophylaxis and fluoride treatment. You the parent will discuss all results and treatment options in depth with you.

Until the first visit there are many children’s books which may act as a perfect introduction to dentistry. Making your child look inside your mouth and pretend to be the dentist plays a part. Some recommended books are:

Stan and Jan Berenstain: “The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist”

Mercer Mayer’s “Just Go to The Dentist”

“Linda Dowdy’s Barney Goes to the Dentist”

The dentist can use terms that bring the dentistry to a fun and optimistic twist. Types include:

Muscle juice-A fluoride topical

Mouse Tooth-Cavity

Your Tooth Icon-Radiograph

Sleepy Juice-Local Drugs

In summary, the dentist’s office will aim to make this trip a fun and satisfying experience for your child. Working with you they will help your child achieve outstanding oral health and sustain it.