Strategies and Tips on How to Build a Daily Centering Practice

Do you want to feel centered so that everyday you can be clearer, more concentrated and more intentional?

In this article I’ll share some tactics and ideas that you can use to help you feel focused on a daily basis. It can not only help you to feel centered, it can also help you to relax (especially the more you improve it practice).You can get additional information at Huntington Learning Center of Abington.

One of the most important ways to start something new is to pick, declare and grow your purpose (to be based on a daily basis in this case).

Today, it is obviously not enough to just set and announce an intention.

What are some aspects that can be effectively propelling and beneficial in your decision to choose and step forward?

Being aware of your motivation o being aware of the impact of not having a centering practice or being aware of your ability to be focused and how centering will affect your life or cultivating the discipline, practice and habit of day-to-day centering or developing resources and support systems to continue this practice on a daily basis. What is the effect of feeling lost and off-center for me and my work?

Check out and see how this impacts you psychologically, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. Be aware and open to the responses that come to you, even though they are not friendly. Then decide and commit to start living on a daily basis from your decision This will help you choose wisely and in accordance with your desire to feel focused.

Once you’ve decided to find and establish a daily practice of centering, your decision has actually laid the foundation for a better and stronger future.

Now is a great time to explore and choose a method or group of practices that you like and that works for you.

Maybe you could look at this experiment to find an activity similar to visiting a buffet or playing a game of discovery for yourself?

I invite you to explore the various practices that you’re curious about. See what’s not working for you. Choose it, then study it and practice it on a daily basis, through regular days and difficult days. So if you sometimes get off track, remember and just get back on track to release any assumptions Here are some examples of concentrating practices: use experience, choose a method that you like and that works for you and change as needed.

Breath-focusing.Pranayama (a meditation practice) Example-yogic practice

*Yoga. For example, the tree pose and shavasana can help one feel centered

* Meditation

* Guided Imagery

* Visualization

* Prayer

* Spiritual inquiry

* Moving practices such as walking in nature, taichi, qi gong, labyrinth walking

* Repeating a word that is particularly focused on you (e.g., love, harmony, abundance, etc.)

 * Journaling

* Repeating an expression or affirmation

* Singinging, dancing*