Small Well Service Companies Struggle With Well Drilling Contractor Demand

The small, well-owned oil and gas company say it has less than 30 staff working on its five thousand operational wells, and the wells employ more than 10,000 personnel. In a tightening labor market, well service companies are struggling to attract and retain qualified employees in an industry where oil production is trending down. These companies rely on a steady flow of well drilling contractors to fill their vacant positions. A recent survey showed that only one out of four top contractors had enough qualified staff for its operation.Learn more by visiting well service companies

In the past few years the industry has experienced dramatic growth as the number of wells drilled in an area increased. The increase in drilling, coupled with the fact that oil production is decreasing, means there are fewer wells available to service. Well, service companies are struggling to keep up with the demand by bringing in contractors who can work to their individual client requirements. This may mean working to the specific specifications of the oil and gas company or to meet individual requests of the clients. This has forced well service companies to use an assortment of methods to attract qualified workers for their companies. Some companies are turning to an aggressive recruiting approach that includes offering relocation expenses. These types of expenses are not typically associated with a contract job.

Many well service companies are turning toward the internet as a way to attract and retain employees. Most of the major companies offer websites that can be used by applicants to submit their resumes and information. The online recruitment method allows applicants to search a database of well service companies in their area. Applicants are also able to search for other well service companies in an area that can meet their specific needs.

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