Security Guards – Options For Your Business

Increased protection from crime and peace of mind that your company and facilities are secure can be provided by providing a security guard service. Safety guard services are available to businesses of all sizes and industries. Check security company near me.

Security guards

Security guards are available across the UK and London for all industries including specialist areas such as:

  • Retail stores
  • Building Sites
  • Bureau
  • On railways
  • Lockshops
  • Hospitallery
  • Hotels-Hotels
  • Einkaufscenters
  • Sites Building
  • And much more
  • Mobility patrols

If you believe you don’t need a full time security guard for your business site or can’t afford it, you might suggest a mobile patrol service instead.

Using a mobile patrol service will save you considerable money, while also offering security. Of example, patrol services by mobile security guards in London cost around a third less than a security guard on-site.

The number of mobile patrols at your premises depends on your needs and budget.

Beware of dogs

In certain cases , having a guard dog device is the only true protection option. This means using their qualified handler with a specially trained guard dog.

A guard dog can detect the source of a sound much better than a person can, as well as hear sounds up to four times the distance that humans can see. In addition, the sense of smell of a guard dog is between 50-100 times more potent than that of a person.

Guard dogs have the best anti-criminal deterrence. Sometimes just a sign indicating the fact that you have canine protection or the barking sound will scare off a would-be attacker.

Areas of preference for a guard dog and handler may include:

Vast areas require patrolling

Areas with minimal view to other areas Areas which are too risky for single security guards

A guard dog / handler team will be able to safely apprehend a suspect before the police arrive.

Safety Night Services

You will only need security services on a weekend or evening and this is something that can be easily arranged as well.

The benefits of hiring your company for protection

In the long run, hiring a safety guard service will save your company a lot of money. You will save on the cost of repairing damage and replacing damaged or missing stock. It may also help to lower the insurance premiums.

If customers at your business feel safe and happy, they are likely to visit again.

Employees would enjoy feeling safe at work and when they arrive and leave.

Getting a security service in place would give you peace of mind even though you are not physically able to be yourself at your place of business.

The variety of security services available ensures there is something that fits every company and every budget.