Plantation Shutters Lichfield – Increase the Value, Enjoyment and Saleability of Your Home

With our busy lives and packed work schedules, it is becoming more and more important to create a relaxing, nurturing home environment where we can get away from it all.

The addition of plantation shutters or solid shutters helps to achieve this with style and elegance, creating a clean look, which is both, timeless and on trend. The modern alternative to drapes and blinds, they are virtually maintenance free requiring nothing more than a quick wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them looking their best.

Shutters, and particularly plantation shutters help you to moderate the amount of natural light entering a room. They also allow you to control the amount of airflow or ventilation. Simply by raising the slats from their horizontal or open position, to the vertical closed position, you can shut out the wind and sunlight at will. Solid shutters can assist in creating a near black out room, which is perfect for creating an environment for sleeping.For better tips visit-Plantation Shutters Lichfield.

Another benefit of interior window shutters is the very real sense of security they bring. Homes that are left vacant for any period of time can effectively be screened off from the curious gaze of passers by, by simply closing them. In this way, valuables are kept out of view and occupancy is disguised making your home less appealing to any would-be burglar or ne’er-do-well.

Plantation Shutters Fixed to the insides of windows and door frames, the louvered panels that make up plantation shutters take both their inspiration and their name from shutters of a very similar style, used in America and the West Indies since before the American Civil War.

Their style has changed little over the years, which is testament to their solid design credentials. It is only the materials that have changed significantly. With the development of modern manufacturing processes, plantation style shutters can be constructed using most solid materials but are more commonly made from hardwoods like Cedar and Basswood or engineered woods that are polymer coated.

Plantation shutters come in 3 different styles known as full height shutters, tier on tier shutters and café style shutters.

Full height shutters As the name suggests, this style of shutter covers the full height of the window, but it also covers the full width too, making them very sturdy. Their elegant, clean lines compliment both the interior and the exterior of any home, regardless of its age or heritage.

Tier on tier shutters The tier on tier shutter can again cover full height and width of a window aperture but this time it is arranged in two sections that can be opened and closed independently of one another. This facility is particularly useful for the control of light and privacy.

Café style shutters The café style shutter takes its inspiration from the cafes of Europe, in particular Paris and Rome. This style of shutter is fitted to the bottom half of a window aperture and enables the shutter to be closed, whilst still allowing light in through the top half of the window. This facility is ideal for use in kitchens or cafes where both daylight and privacy may be required in equal measure.

The benefits of plantation shutters A beautiful and functional solution to window coverings, they enable you to easily control lighting levels, ventilation, privacy and noise and add a contemporary finishing touch to your home.

Solid shutters Hinged vertically and designed to concertina, this stylish interior fitted window treatment allows you to open and close the shutters, either partially or completely, at will.