Plans For Building a Homemade Deer Feeder

Fooding wild deer has become a very popular hobby and my company has literally supplied tens of thousands of these feeders over the years. Receiving requests from woodworkers and others who want to build their own feeders is not uncommon for us. Unlike most companies, we are happy to help anyone who wants to make their own home-made feeder, as we often get answers from those same people with ideas for improvements, or more than likely new ideas for products. click site

To build your own 36 “trough style deer feeder in the Hurley-Byrd fashion, you first need to collect some materials. Of course, you’ll need lumber and all Hurley-Byrd Deer feeders are made of western red cedar. You’re welcome to use pine, but only expect it to last for a few years. Buy one 1×8 piece of lumber that is eight feet long and a 2×4 with a minimum length of three feet. We use brass screws in our feeders but for a short-term feeder a good wood screw will be perfect. Purchase four 1⁄4″x 20x 3” carriage bolts that fit wing nuts and washers, too. These are used to mount the legs onto the trough.

Once the lumber is home, it is time the vee-shaped trough was created. Cut the 1×8 into 2-36 “pieces. Bring one section to its maximum 71⁄4” width and cut the other to 6 1⁄2.’ Take the remaining two sections of the 1×8 and break it to a width of 3 3⁄4 This piece of lumber with a miter-saw must be cut into two triangles. Since these four lumber parts are connected to each other at their ends, the holes of the screw must first be filled or the lumber will quickly be broken. Drill 2 holes at each end 3/8 “from the end and 1 1 1/2” from the sides on the 1×7 1/4″x 36. Drill six equally spaced 3/8 “holes from the edge along one long edge. Drill two holes in each end 3/8 “from the end and 1 1 1⁄2” from the sides on the 1×6 1⁄2″x 36. Take the two triangles and drill two 5/8 “diameter holes perpendicular to the short point which are 1” and 2 1⁄4 “from the long flat edge.