Personal Injury Attorney – Common Types of Cases

A personal injury attorney specializes in legal representation for people who have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. There are many different types of accidents that this lawyer may deal with. Some lawyers may choose to handle only one specific kind of accident, while others will take on a wide variety of cases. If you have been injured, a consultation with an experienced lawyer will help you determine whether you have a valid personal injury claim. A valid claim exists when someone else is at least partially responsible for the injury you have suffered. Some of the most common types of cases a personal injury attorney handles include the following:click here to find more info

Automobile Accidents

Millions of auto accidents occur every year, resulting in millions of injuries and thousands of deaths. In many cases involving two cars, the law is very clear about which driver is at fault for the accident, and you may sue the other driver because of his or her reckless behavior. However, you may suffer an injury in an accident that did not involve another driver. You may decide to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of your own vehicle if it was defective in some way. If the accident was caused by unsafe road conditions, you can file a claim against the state government.

Workplace Accidents

Some types of jobs, like police work or construction, are more dangerous than others. In industries with a high risk of accidents, employees are required to take certain safety precautions to avoid injuries. If you are injured while following all safety guidelines, your employer may be responsible for failing to keep your workplace free of hazards. You can be awarded compensation for medical bills and time missed from work when your employer’s negligence caused your injury. Lawyers may also handle cases involving wrongful dismissal or wage problems.

Medical Malpractice

A negligent doctor can cause a patient’s injury or death through improper treatment or lack of treatment. Examples include surgical operation in the wrong area and prescribing the wrong drug. When a doctor’s negligence has resulted in a patient’s death, the family members of the deceased may sue the doctor.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A property owner has a responsibility to make sure the premises are safe and no hazardous conditions exist. Personal injury attorneys often use the doctrine of premises liability in cases involving slip and fall accidents. Some types of hazards that property owners are responsible for include poor construction or building materials, improper maintenance, and dangerous clutter.

Product Liability

If a product you have purchased injures you, the manufacturer, supplier, or seller of the product can be considered liable for your injury. Your personal injury attorney will help you determine which party or parties were negligent. The product may have manufacturing defects or a dangerous design. In some instances, the supplier or seller may have failed to warn you of the potential dangers of the product.