Page & Eichenblatt, P.A – Settling a Personal Injury Claim

You can have two options after suffering a severe accident to seek money from the person who forced you to experience the harm. Another option is to get a day in trial, lodge a case regarding personal injuries, and fight the claim to the conclusion where either the prosecutor or the jury gives a decision and (hopefully) grants damages. One alternative is to reach a payment outside of litigation with the insurance firm of the guilty party (provided that they recognize the liability and propose a compensation). The best decision regarding a lawsuit of physical injuries would depend on the circumstance and the circumstances that affect the incident. Page & Eichenblatt, P.A has some nice tips on this.

Settling or Stopping

The determination as to whether to resolve a serious injury issue or seek a prosecution is a case-by – case matter. Each alternative includes both benefits and cons, and the severity of the pros and cons can differ based on the nature of the condition and the facts.

Of starters, after you resolve a lawsuit, you’ll realize precisely what type of money you receive. You have a lot of leverage, as you can refuse a offer that you don’t believe is acceptable or reasonable so you can bargain individually with the insurer.

While having promised money after you sue, you also get to avoid the hassle of a lengthy jury and wait for that court to finish to get your payout. Trials can sometimes linger for weeks or even months or years depending on how difficult the situation is and whether or not there are appeals. Most individuals don’t want the hassle and don’t want the resources to go to court to make a legal case. Which makes it a very attractive prospect to resolve a lawsuit.

At the other side, when you present a lawsuit to trial, you would need to show all the facts of the argument to persuade the fact-finder (judge or jury) that what you assert is valid to entitles you to indemnify. There’s a possibility you might be given a bigger judgment than the payout you ‘d earn if you’d agreed. Nonetheless, you will receive compensated if the claim is accepted and the payout would only be higher if the jury agrees that the effects have become very significant or extreme.

When you have a supportive jury, going to trial may be a positive thing, so that is one explanation that certain people want to put a case to court before the end. For certain claimants, the chance to share the case before a court of law and get the suspect legally found guilty is often enticing.