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Excavation is the collection, processing and documenting of archaeological finds. An excavation site is usually the place being excavated. Austin Excavation has some nice tips on this.These sites can vary from one to multiple locations at a time and are usually carried out over a period of days to months. During an excavation a site will typically be excavated with either a trench or excavator or both. In excavation, there are two different types of equipment: the mechanical excavator and the hydraulic excavator. Both excavators are used to remove the dirt, debris and soil from a site.

In excavation the excavation site is usually excavated by using the mechanical excavator. A person who owns this equipment controls the direction of the digging through a control box located on the excavator. The excavation equipment may have a cable system that moves around a circular track or tracks, or it may have a flat track. There are different types of excavation equipment used for different types of excavation. There are also different types of excavators available in the market.

When excavating you need to choose the correct type of excavator. You also need to select the appropriate type of excavator driver. In excavation there are two types of excavators, the hydraulic excavator and the mechanical excavator. Hydraulic excavators are more expensive than mechanical excavators, while the former is much easier to handle, it does not have the capacity to dig for as long as the latter. Hydraulic excavators are generally used for large projects.

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