Insurance Bad Faith After an Auto Accident

To become a fully licenced automobile operator, all states require their drivers to have auto insurance or a financial liability equivalent. To protect both you and your car, there are many types of auto insurance coverage that you can obtain. Your insurance provider, however may refuse to pay for these contracted services following an auto accident. This is called bad-faith insurance. Visit us on Gibson & Hughes in Santa Ana, CA.

Next, you pick the package that you want to pay a premium to cover this security when signing with an insurance provider. Therefore if damage occurs, you enter into a deal with the insurance company to pay your premium in exchange for their financial backing. Insurance providers are very particular about the amount of harm they cover, and this is why multiple levels of coverage can be “layered”. Certain general types of options for auto insurance coverage include:

  • Liability
  • Uninsured / Underinsured. Uninsured
  • Colliding
  • Comprehensive Whole
  • Payments for medical reasons

The insurance company may however, often refuse to pay for your accident. This means that to get the support you deserve, you need to be extra careful about filing your claim correctly. After an accident, to start the compensation process, it is important that you contact your auto insurance agent as soon as possible. You can contact the police at the scene of the accident to ascertain the fault, which will help you get the compensation that you need based on your insurance plan. All relevant evidence should also be gathered and copies of any documents you submit to the insurance provider should be kept.

You will appeal this decision if your insurance provider denies your original application. The appeal method, however, is often very stringent, which means that you should pay particular attention to the policy of your company so that you can get the coverage you need.

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