How To Get Into Pharmaceutical Sales Industry

The pharmaceutical distribution business is a diverse, energy-intensive, profitable and highly lucrative market. I have ten years of pharmaceutical sales experience and spent three years working as a hiring manager. Here’s my opinions and advice on breaking into the business without any practice.visit

A degree from an approved institution is the primary prerequisite. This doesn’t matter if the degree is in but it does benefit whether it’s in the areas of medicine, engineering , science or marketing. Most businesses want to recruit candidates with selling experience and if you have difficulty breaking into the business you could seek to get a position first as some type of sales manager from outside. Here are few businesses that will offer you a strong outside selling and/or market knowledge for company sales: radio station ads, newspaper advertisements, office supplies or drinks such as coke or beer distributors.

One choice is to consider a firm that employs contract workers to market to pharmaceutical firms without having to employ an approved selling department. There are various reasons why a company would hire contract staff but this is a great way to get your foot in the door. The salary could be marginally lower but still substantial. Many businesses may give permanent jobs to contract workers who have performed an outstanding job of marketing their goods.

I also suggest you get a copy of “Drop Dead Resumes” and/or “Drop Dead Interviews.” Not only do you need to buy the book, but to cover it you need to read it and take the time to really understand the questions of the interview.