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If your cooler is fairly new or you’ve had it for years, it’s not completely resistant to malfunction. A lack of adequate ventilation, too much ventilation, strange smells and leaks are all grounds for calling in a professional appliance repair. But with so many companies out there offering refrigerator repair services-one-man operations and large corporations, locally owned businesses and national chains-how do you find the right repairman for your needs? Weigh your priorities, and the priorities and qualifications of the appliance repair company, to make an informed decision.Learn more about this at home improvement tips.

Timeliness and production time

Sometimes you need to quickly repair refrigerator. Tomorrow maybe you are hosting a dinner party and your fridge just stopped cooling. You may be catering from home and you need to have your fridge to do business. Or maybe you’d just like to be able to provide your family with home-cooked meals and not want to waste all the food you’ve just bought. You want a repairman who will answer the phone in any of these cases, make the first possible appointment and show up on time. Some repair companies give top priority to timeliness, even guaranteeing the same-day repairs. Keep in mind that in order to find such a company you might need to do some research and make several calls to find the first available appointment.

Experience and Confidence

You can’t underestimate the value of your experience in an industry like appliance repair. The more a repair technician has seen broken refrigerators, the faster he or she should be able to diagnose and resolve your issue. He will know which parts to use for your specific brand and model, as well as the common problems with that unit. On the other hand, a technician with less hands-on experience may never have been working on your particular refrigerator or problem before, and may need a little more trial and error to find a solution.

Some technicians undergo additional training to be certified for certain brands to work with. For example, if you have a high-end Sub-Zero refrigerator, hiring a repair technician with experience and training directly related to Sub-Zero refrigerators could be a good idea. Also, a company may advertise their EPA certification. This means that the Environmental Protection Agency licenses the technician to work safely with the refrigerants. You should be able to find all the certifications that a company has on its website. Also, you can ask directly over the phone.


If you’re on a budget, the cost of choosing an appliance repair expert could be your biggest consideration. While some companies promise the lowest prices in town, note that the fee to the technician can still vary depending on what other benefits you get. For example, the same-day emergency service could cost more than scheduling a week-long appointment. Likewise, firms that boast years of experience or special certifications can charge more for their expertise. Before you settle for the absolute lowest refrigerator repair costs, consider what you might miss out on.