Hair Removal Options Available for Men

Men have started to show increased interest in grooming and self-care in recent years, which has led to the desire to remove extra hair from their bodies. When it comes to picking a process to remove that most people look for their razor to body hair and cut away the unwanted hair. Although shaving is a quick and easy solution, there are other choices that most people are unaware of. Below are 6 hair removal strategies: Shaving: As discussed earlier shaving is quick and easy to do but doing it on a regular basis can become a bit tired. It also adds to prickly stubble, which can scratch and become painful.

Waxing: Waxing is a popular technique used by women and men around the world to extract hairs. The process involves applying warm wax to the rough region, and then adding a strip of cloth that connects the hair and wax. Once the strip is removed it is stripped off easily along with the hair and oil. Although quite tedious this method produces great outcomes. The area being treated is hair-free and because the entire hair is removed (as opposed to shaving where only part of the hair is removed) it takes longer to re-grow and does not result in a stubborn feeling.If you are looking for more tips, check out their explanation.

Sugaring: Sugaring closely resembles waxing. This procedure often extracts all hair from the root but if implementation is slightly different the system. In this method, a sticky sugar-based paste that can be kept in the hand is added to the hair trapping skin and then quickly removed taking the hairs that were stuck with it. The same sugar ball is spread over and over to different areas of the body until the sugar is engorged with hairs and a fresh one has to be used. The main difference between waxing and sugaring is that sugaring appears to be a smoother process, as it is not necessary to apply fabric strips.

Depilatory creams: Depilatory creams are a chemical-based product that causes the keratin to break down in the hair shafts. Such creams are added to the affected area of the hair and then allowed to stay for a specified time while working to break down the keratin. The surface is scrubbed or scraped gently after the time has elapsed to remove the hairs. The effect of this method is a slightly slower re-growth than shaving and a smoother appearance when the hair grows back in. Many drug stores sell depilatory creams.

Electrolysis: Electrolysis is a procedure where hair is permanently removed. It is indeed the first hair removal procedure approved by the FDA as a permanent solution. This method is costly, somewhat uncomfortable and time consuming but the effects are well worth it. Although there are several forms of electrolysis, they usually all operate on the same theory. A very short needle is implanted next to each hair follicle in the region where hair is to be cut, and a specific source of energy is added (electric current, radio wave, or thermal energy). Such energy treatment permanently destroys the hair follicle, so that it can never again grow hair. After the drug has been administered the human hair is extracted. Electrolysis acts on any type of hair and skin.