Forced Air Electric Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Forced air temperature regulation over older types of temperature management has several advantages: the temperature stays evener, forced air becomes more energy effective and upgrades to forced air systems are usually more economical than upgrades to a recalcitrant radiant heating device , for example. Nonetheless, there are several practical things you may take to hold your forced air electric furnace in order that should discourage it from suffering complications that need major adjustments, the easiest of which is daily testing of the air filters.great post to read

Since air filters are responsible for providing cleaner air for your indoor space, they can easily get clogged with debris that cuts down on your heating and cooling output and can trigger your electric furnace to age prematurely over time. Generally, electrical furnaces include two types of air filters: permanent filters, and reversible filters. Permanent filters should be washed according to the directions of the maker, but removable filters should be inspected regularly (monthly in winter) to insure that they are not caked with dirt. It’s not hard to adjust a replaceable filter but it takes certain basic measures to do the right thing.

The first move is to turn your electric furnace off of fuel. You will instead search for the door or panel that opens to the blower, also called “pipe.” If you are finding the key, either take it off its hooks or unwind the tiny screws that lock it in position. You will find the removable filter mounted under the blower motor after removing the door or panel; slide it out and check the wording at the edges of the filter to see if it should be cleaned or replaced with a new filter. If the filter is removable, record its specs and purchase a matching replacement filter. Ten what you need to do is slip the new filter into position with the right side pointing up and locking the screen concealing the blower motor.

Replacing the disposable filter on your electric forced air furnace will do wonders for its longevity, but you can also take some additional steps to keep your furnace in good working condition throughout its lifetime. In addition to changing the air filter, the area around the blower should also be vacuumed to remove dust and debris collections, as well as each blade of the fan unit clean. If your furnace has oil ports located near the motor shaft or under a removable plate in the same location, then adding a few drops of non-detergent motor oil to each port is also a smart idea. When vacuuming out the blower region or adding oil, between the motor of the furnace and its pulleys, often look for evidence of rusty belts.