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Prevention is safer, so they say, than treatment. But how can you repair it if it is broken? Before you call the repairman, there are few simple troubleshooting ideas for some of your garbage disposal repair issues. Atlanta Junk Removal Company has some nice tips on this.

However, the most critical advice is to avoid the clogs from accumulating. This will ensure that as planned, the appliance would work effectively. The blades used in this type of equipment can become dull over time, so do not be misled by advice stating that the blades are sharpened by chicken bones or glass.Atlanta Junk Removal Company

There are no-no string vegetables such as celery, too. As it can also add to the risk of clogs, you can stop throwing grease down the drain if you can. If this is something that can not be avoided, then using hot water to wash out the grease afterwards becomes a procedure.

Since this kitchen appliance is prone to use and misuse, if you know some general tips to ensure that it works fine all the time, it will not hurt. First things first, check the electrical functions when the waste disposal is not running. Check if the disposal is correctly plugged in. Next, you have to search and press the ‘reset button’ and you know that when the button is not pushed in, it needs to be reset. You will have to check and, if necessary, replace the switch. Also, check if the circuit breaker is working well. Turn it back and off again. You need to call the repairman if any of these troubleshooting guides fail to make your garbage disposal work.

What if a noise is made by the garbage disposal but it won’t run?

If this is the condition, the circuit breaker in the electrical service panel must be switched off. Check if any silverware or other things have been jammed into the disposal. You have to use the aid of a flashlight to do this and look at the bottom of the unit. To be able to clear the obstruction, you will finally have to use metal tings.

Most waste disposal comes with an Allen wrench built to check for the void at the bottom of your garbage disposal and suit it. You can easily find one in your closest hardware shops if your appliance does not come with this tool. You have to manoeuvre it clockwise to remove the clog at the rim, in the holes or even in the flywheel to use the wrench.

If the flywheel turns smoothly after being dislodged, a clear sign of an eliminated clog is. If the obstacle has been removed successfully, it is recommended that you turn on the power and run cold water before the appliance runs again.

This is also the case of overloading in cases where the waste disposal tool will immediately shut off. In situations like this, the reset button needs to be used once more. Enable the unit to cool down, run cold water, and start to use it again.

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