Details About Fort Worth Home Buyers Association

While it is important for you to know what home buyers like, it is also of equal weight to know what they dislike. Why? Because it will help you to properly market a house in your listing to the right audience. Here are some common house features that average home buyers won’t like.I strongly suggest you to visit Fort Worth cash for houses to learn more about this.


Average homebuyers would adore a house that has an elevator. However, they would certainly don’t like to purchase it because this feature will just explode the selling price of the house to digits their budget can’t probably accommodate. According to a survey conducted by a real estate firm in their area, around 70% of home buyers will turn down a house that has an elevator.

Laminate countertops

The kitchen, as one of the most frequented areas of a house needs to be as dazzling and as functional as it could be. Thus, the decors and things found there should be in compliance with what the home buyer prefers. While laminate countertops are deemed less expensive, you will be surprised to know that around 40% of home buyers don’t actually like it. They are after for the more efficient and more durable types like those made of granite.

Outdoor kitchen

One of the latest fads in new construction homes is the inclusion of an outdoor kitchen. While it is beneficial because of the fresh ambiance it can offer while cooking and preparing meals, it is also of high maintenance and add up to the time eaten up by household cleaning duties. When surveyed, some 33% of the respondents will not buy a house with an outdoor kitchen. For the average home buyers, the traditional indoor kitchen still rules!

Glass front cabinets

Cabinets are one of the best things to use to keep a home organized. It can be used in any part of the house so long as its size fits the available space. But 30% of home buyers will not want cabinets (built-in or not) that have glass doors. It is presumed that these buyers are those who live with kids. A wise safety precaution that will avoid breakage of things and will spare kids from possible wounds!

Swimming pools

Few years back, swimming pools are among the well-liked features by home buyers. But preferences do change. According to recent surveys, 25% of home hunters will not want a swimming pool. They will opt for a Jacuzzi instead. But more of the average users will just settle for the normal bath and shower rooms.

The importance of knowing what home buyers dislike will help you to properly market the house you are selling. You can greatly capitalize on features that are commonly preferred rather than highlight a feature which is greatly disliked.