Dating Expert Reveals the Top 9 Do’s

As a WomanSavers dating expert who has given dating advice to thousands of people since early 2000, there are 9 basic Do’s Rules in the world of dating to help you increase your chances of succeeding in dating. Dating can be fun and exciting but getting involved can destroy your life with the wrong person. How do you put the chances of dating in your favour? By clicking we get more information about the linawinter.

I’ve broken down the top 9 Dating Rules to help you meet the special person.

10 TOP DATING DO’S. 1. Relax, and have some pleasure. Dating should be enjoyable so make it fun. Select things you want to rest, to laugh and to appreciate. Unless you find dating is bad, then do not.

  1. Do the grooming before your date. Make sure you’re showered freshly, have a fresh breath, and have an outfit on which you flatter. Save your crazy or excessively sexy outfits for getting to know the person better.
  2. Listen. More important than speaking, is listening. Ask a lot of questions about your date and zero in on similar interests. Don’t constantly brag about yourself because that is the ultimate turn-off.
  3. I congratulate you on your date. If you think the date looks nice, then say so. Don’t focus on the imperfections of your date; focus on its good points. If it seems your date has taken time to get ready, then encourage them by letting them know.
  4. Let’s be positive. Don’t grumble about your date. No-one wants to hear you feel sad. A poor attitude will break a date quicker than anything else.
  5. Be front and frank. If you haven’t checked on the deadline, tell your partner you’ll need to think about it and if you’re involved, you’ll email them again.
  6. Place yourself positive. To date you have to take the initiative in meeting people. Flirt, wave, be polite and make eye contact. This will show you’re available to people and increase your chances of being asked out.
  7. Do it creatively dating. Don’t go to the films where you can’t speak or know your date better. Go for dinner, bowling, and then a movie, or go riding, hiking, or a festival of art or music.
  8. Let your family and friends know you are dating. You never know when someone you know might be trying to play matchmaker for you. Whether it works out or not, but you should be open to meeting someone new. 10. 10. Make yourself be respectful and have courtesy. Offer payment for the whole or half of the date even if you are a woman. Say “yes,” and “thank you” and be mindful of the emotions of the other party.