Core details about Mole Removal

There are many reasons to have moles removed from your skin and there are a number of different methods for you to pick from. Mole Removal-West Dermatology Redlands has some nice tips on this. When you consider having moles removed you must consider what method or mole removers are best for you. There are pros and cons to having moles removed using surgery and pros and cons to natural mole removal remedies.

Considerations When Having Moles Removed
There are many things to consider when looking into getting rid of moles. Your main choices are to have the moles taken off using surgery (e.g. cutting, freezing, cauterizing, shaving), laser therapy, or home remedies.

Below we will look at some important things to think about before having moles removed so you end up with the results you want.
1. Location. Having a mole taken from your leg is much different than having facial moles removed. Why? Because, with the mole on your leg you do not have to worry as much about the possibility of scarring.

Facial mole removal is a type of cosmetic surgery that has a lot of interest. This is mostly because the moles on your face are so visible and can become embarrassing or even lower your self-esteem if they are in an awkward location or very large.

If your main goal is to avoid scarring, then you will likely want to speak with your medical doctor about this possibility before agreeing to have moles surgically removed. A particularly large mole may need to have layers of skin removed because the mole pigment extends deeper into the skin. This may or may not require stitches. If stitches are needed, you will run a high risk of a scar.

Having moles taken off with a laser can reduce the chance of scarring. The consideration with lasers is that they may not penetrate deep into the lower layers of skin. Therefore, you will not get a scar, but your mole may not be completely removed. This possibility can also be discussed with your doctor.

Natural cures are generally a safe way to have moles removed without worry of scarring. This makes them nice for removing facial moles. They are not completely without risk; however, and because natural cures typically use a slightly acidic compound to remove the mole, you can overuse the substance and burn the skin. This is easy to avoid if you follow a plan and do not go about the remedy too aggressively.

2. Is your mole normal or abnormal? If your mole is small and round or slightly oval with well-defined borders and uniform colors, then you are probably dealing with a normal mole. It is fine to use any of the methods discussed in this article to have normal moles removed.

However, if your mole looks odd in any way, then you need to have the mole evaluated by a skin doctor. Abnormal looking moles are not necessarily cancerous, but they may have a higher risk of containing cancer cells. It is not appropriate to treat moles with home remedies if they are suspicious in any way because they may contain cancer cells. Have these mole removed by a medical doctor.

3. Cost. How much you are willing to spend to have moles removed is another top consideration and will vary greatly between the accepted methods. Laser mole removal will typically cost the most money and can be more than $400-$500 per mole. Surgical removal can also cost hundreds of dollars and additional costs can be incurred if a mole is sent for lab analysis to determine if cancer cells are present.

Another consideration when getting rid of a mole using laser therapy or surgery is that unless the mole has to come off for medical reasons, the removal will likely be deemed cosmetic and therefore not covered by your insurance. Be sure to check with your insurance company before having moles treated to see if the cost will be your responsibility.

Home remedies for moles are very inexpensive and you may already have some of the ingredients in your home, or at worst you can find what you need at your local grocery store. This keeps the cost of having them removed naturally very low, and often less than $20.

4. Time. If you are anxious to have your moles taken off quickly, then surgery or laser therapy trump home remedies, keep in mind that the removal can be quick, but the area of exposed skin must heal. Even with surgical removal, which can be done in the doctor’s office, you will be looking at a few weeks for the skin to heal and during this time it will be recommended that the mole be covered.