Computer Repair Service and Help – Things to Look For

Although the Boston, Ma area, has many computer repair places, their prices may be high. Nonetheless, it is possible to locate an inexpensive computer repair technician in nearby towns such as Cambridge, Somerville and Medford just outside of Boston or you can locate assistance online. Most local computer repair centers are advertising online and can give the consumer savings because online ads can be cheaper. visit

No support from a computer repair company some computer repair issues may be repaired. For example, if a machine runs slow, some of the options it may take include deleting unused files to conserve storage space on the hard drive. By reordering the way files are stored on the hard drive, defragmenting a hard drive can improve performance. If the computer appears to have more than sufficient access to the hard drive and the machine runs much slower, two solutions that may help include raising the size of the virtual memory and adding extra RAM to the machine.

The RAM of the computer is a computer’s memory space, which holds the actual information being processed. It can store the instructions and the information. The instructions may come in the form of a program or document, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. In the other hand, the data will be the information that is being stored, such as the text in a Word document or the numbers in a computer. Nevertheless, the amount of RAM memory required for applications is often reduced. As a result, the RAM is replaced by using most of the space on a hard disk. The machine runs slower when this happens because sending data and instructions back and forth from the hard drive is slower than RAM. Increasing virtual memory can not help as far as speed but it may avoid an error or crash out of memory. Some of the easiest solutions is to increase the amount of RAM that a machine requires. You can add additional RAM memory by buying a memory card suitable for the particular computer.

The extra RAM will reduce the need for hard disk access when free memory becomes low. Another way to improve efficiency is by removing unnecessary processes that are running on the machine in the background. This can be seen while the task manager is invoking. The task manager can be seen on keeping down the power-alt-delete keys at once. The amount of memory for each process can be seen under the Processes tab. However, it is important not to delete a significant process which is already running. There should be only end to unnecessary processes. You can also save your memory by reviewing the startup menu to see if unwanted programs start up and take up memory. Ad ware, spy ware, viruses , worms and trojan horses can also cause memory to be used up and damage to the device and the information stored thereon. You can also run a virus scan to test for problems.