Bail Bond Software

Technology has made the dealing of bail bonds a lot easier. Such program styles use switchboard-style menus, making them easy to learn and easier to use. Actually the most common software is the BBS or Bail Bond System.

BBS is very user-friendly software with only two types of data input, “clients” and “bond,” as well as a form of popup account ledger that is used for data entry. The program consists of lists of drop-down and phone directory style that allow for fast and easy selection of client and bond records when they need to be updated. All the client records can be easily retrieved as needed. Clicking a mouse button will produce all notifications and formal letters such as security letters, delinquent letters, company statements, and court and financial reports. If you are looking for more tips, check out Bail Bonds-Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

The list of phone directory type lets edit client or bond records easily. The program offers selectable lists of all bonds or customers involved, inactive or both. Alphabetic buttons narrow the list further and ease the selection process.

BBS data entry and editing navigation can be achieved with only the keyboard, just the mouse, or with a combination of the two input tools.

Another alternative for the app is the LexBail program. One big benefit of this program is that it’s offered to Lexington National agents free of charge. The software system was originally developed for the bail bond industry and is being continuously updated.

The LexBail program lets agents run their entire business. The program provides monitoring powers and lets you identify signed bonds, forfeitures, collateral, overall exposure to co-signers, premium payment arrangements, subagent commissions, remissions and regulatory reporting. LexBail software is designed to monitor and store bail bond documents electronically, handle rates, and more for the bail market.