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Have you ever been with anyone in a political or social discussion and they said to you; history tells us that if we do this, then in the future that will happen? Have you ever felt that their knowledge of history could be inaccurate because the books they read or the history they thought of and thought they understood was incorrect? We learn from the mistakes that we made in the past. We are bound to fall into such debates if our comprehension of history is not complete. The fact that the past we have studied is right or not has become a topic of debate. One day, famous historians make a point and on the other day, disprove it. You can also hear the talk of rewriting history in some corner. Amid all this uncertainty, until anything innovative comes out, the safest idea is to stick to what we were taught in our school days. To get rid of the acquired perplexity, history books may be of some help. You study history at school and at university, whether you like the weather or not. Some of us get excited and read piles of history books and piles. We take lessons from renowned scientists and engineers who lived hundreds of years before the birth of our grandparents. Their lives are like an essay on history, a brief revision of a sweet, charming old storey. You come to know about great scientists, legendary revolutions and many other amazing inventions when you buy history books. A variety of books written about our glorious past can be found. The Encyclopaedia will help you locate the book of your choice in several libraries. Choosing a proper one, however, may be a boring job for you. Some online resources have a list of history books that makes it easy to decide.visit

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