An Introduction Of Vehicle Wraps

Over the last 10 years the world of automotive graphics has changed considerably with the advent of solvent printers and vinyl compliant. Too often I’ll find a sign maker, pinstriper, or fleet installer reminding me of that fact. But the days of super violent 2mil ‘you got one shot’ graphic film are gone for a long time and there is a wide variety of new vehicle cover media on the market. — brands to use can be a difficult choice when first venturing into the printed vehicle graphics market, but many manufacturers are more than willing to provide sample rolls for testing.Have a look at Vehicle Wraps-Identity Graphx for more info on this.

It’s not relevant in cut vinyl graphics if you use one media brand one day to the next-your cutter doesn’t cut the other. But be aware in solvent printable films, it’s always a good idea to keep using the same brand again and again to ensure precise color quality. You will generally stick to it after you go through the challenges of profiling your media or simply find a profile that fits best for your printer. If you change brands one day because your local sign manufacturer had a sale-you may be shocked to be spending the next day or two getting it fully installed before you can sell one square foot.

Oracal Orajet 3951RA is an economical professional vehicle wrapping film with Rapid Air (like Comply) technology. This has a grey back to screen out capacities and is available in 2mil cast vinyl. 10 Years Classified. I use it and I like it but it doesn’t seem like I can get a decent profile for it. I hear that’s very popular with users of Roland.

Avery Graphics MPI 1005 EZ is a 2.1mil cast film that uses Avery’s Easy Apply technology and is comparatively priced at IJ180. They advertise safe removal over the media’s assured life which is laminated for 7 years. I’ve used this medium here and there-it’s very shiny and well illustrated. If you can get a better price for this on 1005 EZ vinyl than on Controltac, that’s a great alternative.

3M Controltac IJ180-10 is the mainstream leader in vehicle wrapping film. Media profiles are easy to navigate and are backed by 3M’s guarantee while using compatible print supplies. IJ180 comes in a classic Comply and V2 checkered pattern, which is the latest smooth finish media for those who didn’t like the old model.

Mactac JT 5529 M BF is a 10-year-old economical-calendered wrapping film. I will not actually use it for permanent uses, but instead for short-term promotional car covers. I used it and it prints very well but the adhesive isn’t as strong as I want it to be.