Affordable Solar Power – What You Need to Know

Getting sufficient solar power to power your entire home can be a costly project. Paying $20,000 or more to equip your home with solar power isn’t uncommon for homeowners. In fact, it will take people who invest in huge solar panel systems 20 years to see their investment repaid by their savings on energy. Click over here to know more.

But there are plenty of affordable solar power options which will give homeowners a better value. You can power your entire house with solar power for a lot of money but you can power half of your home for just a little money. Here’s a peek at some more affordable options for solar power.

Solar Power Projects Components The Solar Panel: This is the cornerstone of any solar power system. There are two ways to get the solar panels affordable. You can make the solar panels yourself, if you are a little handy. This will allow you to buy the solar photovoltaic cells on your own-you can purchase these from eBay and many other web sites. For less money, you can buy damaged cells, but these cells are not always guaranteed to work, and at least they will generate less energy. A quick spin around eBay shows solar cells are priced at about $25 for a handful of cells, up to $200 for a whole group of cells plus wires. Even after you add additional hardware costs (2x 4s, Plexiglas, etc.), building your own solar panel is still cheaper than buying one-by far.

If you decide to create your own solar panels, I would highly recommend that you obtain a guide to help. Green DIY Energy and Home Made Power are two well-reputed Solar DIY guides on the internet. (Don’t be afraid of their cruddy sales-style websites) These do – it-yourself panels produce 60 W-120 W of energy everywhere. Total cost should be less than $200 including the hardware and materials. This is the very best deal around for the price.

However, if you don’t want to take the time to purchase a DIY guide and you want to save time and effort by purchasing a solar panel of commercial standard, it will cost you a lot more. The price will run about $300 for a 75 W plate.

You can link your Solar Panels together. For example, if you create a panel that constructs 60 W of energy, you can attach it to two more similar panels and generate 180 W of electricity.

Batteries: The next part is the battery where the solar power is stored for later use. You can choose a few choices here. One choice is to get 12-volt, standard batteries (get at least two). The cheap end of these batteries will be around $60; it can cost high-end batteries as much as double that.

Alternatively, get some 6-volt golf cart batteries which you can pick up at a place like Sam’s Club for under $50. Four batteries hooked in together give sufficient energy to power a tiny home or a few rooms in a larger home. If properly cared for, golf cart batteries can last anywhere from two to seven years.