Acupuncture – A Drug-Free Pain Management Option For Many Conditions

Classical Chinese acupuncture and Western Modern acupuncture are two of the various types of acupuncture commonly practised. Classical Chinese acupuncture is focused upon Taoist philosophy and naturalistic elements. For thousands of years, it has been practised continuously. Classical Chinese acupuncture assumes the body is influenced by distinct forces, the yin and the yang, and this force represents the Qi (Chi) of the individual. It may contribute to sickness and discomfort when certain emotions are unbalanced. Through inserting needles on the human body at some of the 2000 acupuncture sites, traditional Chinese acupuncture is reputed to relieve the energy imbalance in the body and restore Qi’s power.If you are looking for more tips, check out Chiropractor-Starr Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture.

In Western medical acupuncture traditional ideas of meridians, lines, and Qi are not used. Instead it focuses on anatomy, biology and biochemistry research knowledge. Practitioners in this procedure claim that the proper positioning in needles activates the central nervous system, producing endorphins and other chemicals that allow the immune system to relieve pain and enhance it.

Practical variations in such approaches include how to insert needles, and how many needles are required. Western acupuncture usually holds less needles than traditional Chinese acupuncture and keeps them for much shorter periods in the individual.

Many people are cynical of the importance of both types of acupuncture. But countless patients undergoing acupuncture treatment record life-changing outcomes. People have been able to treat chronic pain problems without medication because of the effects of therapy, stop smoking and even resolve infertility. In 1997, a report was published by the United States National Institute of Health which confirms the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating some forms of chronic pain as well as certain other conditions.

Studies also shown that acupuncture operates as it causes the body to generate natural hormones and release endorphins from the needles used. The hormones are decreasing inflammation and the endorphins are rising discomfort. Any work has shown that in any instances, acupuncture is much more successful than other pharmaceutical medications in treating pain.

Acupuncture physicians claim the body has a strong potential to cure itself, so inserting needles at such locations will enhance the normal healing mechanism in the body. This helps alleviate discomfort and stress in the body, improve mobility, strengthen the immune system and encourage physical and emotional well-being.

Treatment of acupuncture pain is a healthy, drug-free procedure for helping to alleviate or remove body pain. In reality, it has been shown to perform so good that veterinarians use acupuncture on animals including cats and pets, too. Most acupuncturists handle many other problems, including asthma, obesity, insomnia, persistent fatigue syndrome, digestive deficiencies, and addiction, as well as pain relief.