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You’ve been involved in a big car crash just recently? Try to decide with which personal injury lawyer to go? Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C. has some nice tips on this. Typically there are more than one in every major city and it may seem difficult to pick the right one. Here are five questions to ask yourself, and to see if you would like to go with a prospective lawyer.

  1. Find a personal injury lawyer who can handle the case on what’s called a contingency fee basis. It offers encouragement to your attorneys to do a good job on your case, because they are not paid until you win the case. When the settlement is awarded to you he will then be charging his fee. This contingency fee may be 25 to 33 per cent depending on the situation, including complexity and duration. Look out for scandalous percentages or a bunch of miscellaneous fees. Make sure you get the full explanation of the agreement and get it spelled out and in writing.
  2. Have daily meetings with your personal injury lawyer, in person. Your counsel should be in close contact with you before, during, and after your case. Such people should be treated almost like a close friend and you should trust them and feel confident with them. Ask your detailed questions to find out exactly who’s handling the case and how it’s moving forward.
  3. The lawyer that you are with will be specialized in your accident form. When you’ve been involved in an automotive accident so he’s meant to be an advocate for traffic accidents. The same applies to lawsuits for property loss, medical abuse, or workers ‘ compensation. When you’re with a business that manages various types of employment, it’s a smart action plan to know how many similar jobs they’ve done in the recent past and how much they’ve been paid since they earned.
  4. Should not waste your time to get a lawyer. You need to find one as soon as possible when everything in everybody’s mind is still new.
  5. Hear also about a “ambulance chaser.” These attorneys want to resolve disputes quickly and comfortably. We are more of a turnkey project, and like doing stuff with as little technical work as possible.