About Best Sun Cream

Its easy to forget that for beauty and skin care purposes, every single product we put on our skin contains a large number of chemicals. A quick look at the ingredients shows a long list of unknown chemicals, many of which are potentially harmful to skin quality and can cause allergic reactions, despite many high street natural beauty products giving the illusion that they support safe skin. Do you want to learn more? Visit https://africaneyereport.com/common-skin-conditions-in-black-skin/.

The skin is never more susceptible to serious damage than when exposed to sunlight. Yet in sun creams harmful chemical ingredients cause allergic reactions and have potentially harmful side effects. You may have heard the phrase PABA sunscreens referring to p-Aminobenzoic acid containing sun cream. These (as well as many other countries) were banned from sale in the UK in 2009 due to concerns about their ability to cause DNA defects. Sun cream is unfortunately still not entirely healthy.

Parabens are still commonly used in the cosmetics industry and in sun creams although they are the source of many allergic reactions and are found in tumors of breast cancer; a worrying link. Commonly used as preservatives, it is found that parabens such as methylparaben actually react with UVB rays from the suns, causing increased skin ageing and damage to DNA. Another worrying ingredient found for children and adults in the sun cream is phthalates, which are being phased out of many products in Europe due to health concerns. Young infants are extremely vulnerable to phthalate adverse effects, yet they continue to be an ingredient in many children’s brands of sun cream.

Buying a natural sun cream which is also organic is the best way to protect the skin of adults and children from UVA and UVB rays. Many natural ingredients are effective in protecting the skin and you are actively avoiding the harmful chemicals that feature so prominently in everyday life by opting for the most natural beauty products possible. Organic skin care brands make it easier than ever to choose effective and natural beauty products that are safe for anyone, even young children, or those with skin prone to allergies or sensitivity.

Vitamins A, C and E, naturally present in green tea, olive, avocado and rosemary, can help the skin ‘s immune system and protect against cell damage. Look for a variety of organic skin care with natural sun cream without pore-clogging ingredients (a source of prickly heat), PABA, parabens, phalates, or chemical fragrances that can source allergic reaction.

Natural minerals such as titanium dioxide, like the Cinnamic acid and Edelweiss extract, are an important UVA and UVB tube. Just because you prefer a natural sun cream it can also have water-resistant properties for maximum longevity, and this is also achieved by ingredients such as fruit waxes.