Abot Parking Lot Resurfacing-ADA Striping

The material of a driveway or parking lot may need to be resurfaced or replaced after a period of time. That is very different from sealing or other minor repair styles. Although resurfacing will not last as long as new asphalt is installed, it is an option that a lot of people consider because of financial concerns. As with most repair projects, the finished job will be determined by the preparedness level and the contractor’s competence.I strongly suggest you to visit Parking Lot Resurfacing-ADA Striping to learn more about this.

In a full tear-out the contractor would have to remove the old pump. It then adds an initial layer of compacted gravel, followed by a compacted asphalt base course. This layer typically has a thickness of about two to four inches. They will then add the final layer of compacted material.

During the resurfacing cycle, the asphalt surface course is built on the existing driveway or parking lot surface. The two layers easily stick together because they’re made from the same material. However, it is important to understand the reason why the driveway fails before choosing this choice. For example, if the problem comes from a poor foundation, adding a new layer isn’t the right solution.

Asphalt can be mounted on a concrete drive as well. Such measures must be taken to ensure that the concrete does not move under the new surface. Proper planning will ensure this doesn’t happen and the drive will continue for a few years. There are a variety of aspects you need to test to see if the new concrete driveway is correct. The blocks should be straight, and close to the joints and cracks.

No matter what type of installation you want to do, there are some things you must watch out for. Drainage should be taken into account so that rain water can be transported to the street or catch basin. Water should not flow back into your garage or into the property of a neighbour. The contractor must also ensure proper support to the edges.

Selecting a qualified contractor for your asphalt resurfacing project is crucial. You can assess the work of the company by checking other driveways they were working on a couple of years ago. No matter which company you choose, make sure a proper contract is drafted.