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Marijuana is renowned for being the most commonly consumed illegal drug in the world. Marijuana is known collectively as cannabis, hemp, or marijuana, with nearly 200 names. While the general public may think weeds are relatively harmless, they are far more dangerous than most users realize. New Vansterdam Recreational Marijuana Dispensary-Dispensary Near Me has some nice tips on this. Originating from the plant Cannibis sativa, THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main altering (psychoactive) ingredient in marijuana, but more than 400 other chemicals can be found in the plant.

The power and consequences of the drug, both depend on the volume of THC in the marijuana. The intensity may also differ depending on the form of plant, the climate, temperature, harvest time and other factors. Marijuana of today is about ten times stronger than the marijuana available to users in the early 1970s. Today’s sophisticated cannabis cultivation reaps a much higher level of THC content, rising to an average of 4 percent in 1994 and averaging less than 1 percent in 1974. An rise in physical and mental performance, leading to a higher THC effectiveness, raises the risk for the consumer to develop health issues.

How long will Weed Molecules live in the body?

THC is consumed by much of the body’s tissues and organs and can mostly be contained in the heart , kidneys, and test fat tissues. The body considers THC as an foreign material, and tries to get rid of the chemicals that create metabolites. Tests on urine can detect THC metabolites for up to a week after users smoked weed. Traces will be detected anytime from two to four weeks out through careful blood samples.

How to handle Marijuana?

Marijuana and other cannabis-derived drugs are commonly smoked in a cigar or in a water bottle. However, most users will loosely roll a cigarette known as a “joint.” Some users will take the time to heal a cigar and replace tobacco with marijuana, making what they call “blunts.” Unfortunately, both blunts and joints can be laced with other substances, including crack cocaine or PCP, a very powerful hallucinogen. This causes the user to experience a significantly high altering mind.

Although smoking is perhaps the primary choice for users, it is certainly not the only route. You may also brew pot as a tea or blend it into baked goods such as cookies or brownies.

What are the Effects of Smoking Marijuana

Although some may argue that, marijuana is considered a mild hallucinogen. The rise in pulse rate, rapid breathing, bloodshot eyes and a sore mouth and throat are all acute signs. Studies have shown that the drug can impair or reduce short-term memory, alter the sense of time of a person, and reduce the ability to do things that require concentration, rapid reactions, and coordination. This is not safe to operate a vehicle or run equipment which could result in some severe legal slaps for those who want to gamble this.