A Quick Step by Step Guide to Accomplish Your iPhone Glass Repair

Cracked your screen glass on iPhone? As long as it does not affect the layer of the LCD, that is not really a big deal. There are also many iPhone users who face the same issue out there, so stop blaming yourself and start looking for solutions. Checkout Iphone Screen Repair Near Me.

There are three options for reparing the iPhone glass. Second, go to the Apple certified store for the simplest solution, and let them repair it for you. But this simple solution will cost you a lot of money because the one-year insurance policy of iPhone does not protect the user’s injuries or abusses on the device. You have to pay the maintenance charges for a 4 GB iPhone as much as $199 and an 8 GB iPhone as $245. Second solution is to let the other repair firms do it for you with the cost ranges from $79-$ 150 for repair. Third approach is purchasing and running your own iPhone glass repair kit from third parties. The third option will cost you only USD 12-USD 65.

Wise iPhone users will choose the best solution from the three options they have-the cheapest and practical solution. Here is a step-by-step fast guide to help you get your iPhone glass repair done in a correct order.

  1. Link your iPhone to your machine to back up all the relevant iPhone files you need.
  1. Find and prepare all the tools you need to fix, such as a screwdriver, a razor as a scraping tool, a small suction cup and some tweezers.
  1. Prepare also the products you can find in the iPhone glass repair kit, such as the new glass screen and other small components.
  1. Unscrew two screws at the bottom of the iPhone, using a screwdriver.
  1. Use either the razor or the suction cup to remove the broken (cracked) glass screen.
  1. The iPhone screen has three layers-a glass panel, an LCD and a digitizer. Pull out all these layers gently and carefully unwrap their screws with screwdriver and razor as well.
  1. Clean the metal frame from any broken or stuck glass after all layers are taken out, so that your new glass panel will match well.
  1. Bringing all the layers back together. Firstly, the LCD layer goes by sliding it from the phone’s rim. The digitizer follows the layer of the LCD, and eventually, the glass screen. Care to screw through all of the bolts.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on replacing iPhone glass with these easy step-by-step instructions, and you’re already an iPhone repairman.