5 Tips For Vacuuming Up Pet Hair

Everyone who has a pet understands how tough it is to get rid of pet fur strewn across the property. Pet fur is at risk of triggering allergic reactions in people allergic to it and so it is completely important at all times to get rid of pet hair. The Essentials for Entertaining Big in a Small Home has some nice tips on this.

There are endless variations of models on the market for vacuum cleaners and when struggling with vacuuming pet fur, it is important to check at any different characters that might be beneficial. Below are five ideas.

  1. Specially for pet hair consider a portable vacuum cleaner. There are plenty of vacuums on the market especially for pet owners doing a fairly decent job of ridding your pet hair home or condo.
  2. Upright cleaners are usually more successful than cylinder-type versions in cleaning pet fur. That is because they have motorized brush heads, which tend to pull the hair out from the fabrics of the cloth.
  3. Models with turbo brushes or electro brushes fit this sort of job. Handheld vacuums that come with a washable filter should prove simpler than any other kind to clean.
  4. A handheld vacuum cleaner which comes with attachments for pet or dog fur is a bonus. Such devices are capable of suctioning hard to access areas such as the bottom of ramps, car seats etc. A turbo brush for example helps clear up under beds where dogs appear to run.
  5. Search for vacuums to say 99.9 per cent of soil and debris is collected. A surround suction functionality can also help move the upright vacuum cleaner through baseboards, furniture and making it much simpler to do the job.

Many versions also have a small nozzle for very quick removal of the soil. If a handheld vacuum has an attachment to the board, it will be easier to clean wooden floors too.