3 Things About Leaf Blowers You Should Know

Professional as well as hobbyist, today’s landscaper and gardener require a leaf blower to hold their gardens looking healthy and planting grounds. Their option of two types: an electronic blower or a gas blower. The mechanical blower is simpler to operate and manage, and also smoother. The gas blower has more capacity for the large jobs but it is slower and needs more energy from the customer.

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  1. Weight Weight is the first thing you’ll note while picking and carrying each garden device in your pocket. Until buying your blower, you’ll want to take that into account. Specific versions would have larger weight than some types. The electric blowers vary from just over six pounds for a compact Weedeater device, to well over fifteen pounds for the larger Black and Decker versions that turn to a leaf cleaner to remove leaves and other dirt from your garden beds.
  2. Power Air levels and CFM quality are also a topic of concern. The air speeds vary from 160 mph of the smaller Weedeater blower to 240 mph of a more efficient electronic Black and Decker blower at 385cfm. For more cfm the higher the air velocity becomes, the more strength a blower gets. The higher air velocities and the elevated cfm often render them more challenging to use. All the air pressure is moving towards you, rendering them more painful to hang on to, and rough on your arm and neck.
  3. Easy to operate Electric blowers are simple to use, there are no chains for dragging, gas and oil mixtures to think about and making less noise without having a noisy exhaust motor. However, they are restricted to a 100-foot extension cord away from your residence, or the closest 120-volt receptacle.

Gas blowers are more efficient than their equivalents in electrics. Any versions are powered by the more ecologically sound (CARB compliant) OHV 4 stroke gas engines. Such tiny engines are a little louder than their 2-stroke equivalents, which do not require combining the gas with 2-cycle gasoline. Make them easy to manage and save as much as 50 percent on fuel prices, so you don’t have to pull behind you an extension cable.

Gas Backpack Blowers allow the treatment of the extra strength and weight of the petrol driven motors. The weight is simple to bear by mounting the gas engine on a backpack frame, and attaching wide reinforced shoulder belts. The inclusion of a large flexible conduit between the engine and the control handle tends to reduce hand numbing sensations and tiredness in the neck.

Leaf Blowers are available in two electric or gas driven versions. Electric blowers are available in medium weight versions that are simple to manage, versions that are quickly turned into a cleaner, and even cordless electric machines render tiny cleaning jobs quick work. Of the two alternatives, gas models are the more efficient. These vary in scale from the hand-held ones weighing as little as 10 pounds, as well as the heavy-duty backpack blowers measuring about 29 pounds in somewhere.

All will consider the right blower for their spring-cleaning tasks with all of those blower styles to pick from. When you have the right blower for your needs, the weekly summer time lawn and deck cleaning tasks are amazingly easy. Vacuuming leaves and at the same time transforming them into mulch, time renders dropping clean-up a breeze. I have an old handheld Stihl gas blower which has supported me with trouble-free operation for over 15 years. On occasion I have used it to sweep snow off the sidewalk and driveway.