3 Popular Experts on Sex Addiction

Sex dependency is a true illness. Within this area it needs medical and psychiatric care by qualified specialists. Treatment involves psychological counseling by qualified sexual abuse counselors, community counseling such as participating in a twelve-step rehabilitation plan, and clinical medication on occasion.Check out Lisa 2001 Amateur Stream for more info.

In order to completely heal, most sex offenders need a mixture of such therapies. If you’re worried that a relative or family member may suffer from sexual abuse, some renowned specialists on the subject would be able to hear about it firsthand. Reading about this problem and its symptoms may give you the information to get support from your friend or family member or at the very least appreciate what he / she may be feeling.

Drew Pinsky, M.D., as “Dr. Drew” is a popular sex abuse specialist. He presents a television show called “Sex Therapy with Dr. Drew.” Dr. Pinsky is an alcohol specialist and national board accredited. The platform Lifechangers is a great resource for people battling unwanted sexual harassment, as it helps one to learn details from recently broadcast programs. Learning from encounters experienced by other abusers may be an interesting way to think from sex addictions.

Mavis Humes Baird is a well-known relationship educator and licensed authority in various addictions. Baird works with the person problem amid associated health and depression problems. Her RecoverySense website provides a variety of tools that surround this problem. Anyone who think about seeing a family member or partner struggling from sexual abuse will benefit a lot by reading the information on this page. Any of her website’s subjects are “ABCs: Recognizing Drug Challenges” and “Recovery-Sense: Assessing the Real Difficulties.” Baird was featured in NY Times Forums, The New York Times, CHS Los Angeles Journal, CBS News Webcasts and Articles and the Good New Yorkers Forum.

Patrick Carnes, Md, CAS is a widely recognized lecturer on topics related to sex abuse and rehab. He is the author of Out of the Shadows: Knowing Sexual Addiction, In the Shadows of the Internet, and several other books and articles on the topic. At Pine Grove Therapeutic Facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, he is now the Executive Director of the Gentle Way system. His website offers information, tools and videos for those who struggle with this problem or manage the individuals and families who struggle with it.

It is only a short list of the many experts in this area. In looking for the right psychiatrist it is crucial that the specific interests of the abuser are taken into consideration. For eg, an individual suffering from multiple addictions may want to check out a multiple addictions specialist like Dr. Baird. Although much can be learnt from well-known professionals, other lesser-known specialists and clinicians are well-equipped to help in rehabilitation.